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A Guaranteed Income Pilot for Prince George’s County

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UPDATE: The initial inquiry process has CLOSED!

To receive information about the program, please read below.

The initial application period has closed, and we are reviewing all the inquiry forms.  To date, we have received more than 3,500 applications for the 125 slots available.  Eligible and ineligible applicants should have been notified.  Eligible applicants must have an application submitted by January 22nd, 2024.  

Please continuously check the website for updates.  

If you need additional information, please email

Thrive Prince George’s is a two-year, $4 million guaranteed-income pilot that seeks to provide greater economic stability and mobility for families in Prince George’s County. This initiative is made possible through a public-private partnership between the Greater Washington Community Foundation, Prince George’s County’s Executive Office and Council and the Meyer Foundation.

About the Program:

- Targeted Support: Thrive Prince George's will provide $800 monthly payments to selected individuals, specifically over 125 seniors (60+ years). These payments will be made for 24 months and are unconditional, with no employment requirements and will be administered through United Communities Against Poverty (UCAP).

- Funding: This $4 million initiative is a collaboration of public and private funds, showcasing the power of community partnerships in addressing local needs.

Impact and Vision:

- Proven Success: Similar programs have shown significant positive outcomes, including improved financial stability, housing security, health, and employment opportunities.

- A Step Towards Equality: By reducing the racial wealth gap, this program aligns with broader efforts to promote fairness and opportunity in Prince George’s County.

UCAP’s Role:

- As a proud partner, UCAP will be instrumental in participant recruitment, selection, and management of the payments to eligible Seniors participating in Thrive Prince George’s. We are committed to ensuring that the benefits of this program reach those in need, complementing existing support systems.

UCAP's Focus: We prioritize senior citizens aged 60 and above. If you're under 60 and interested in the program, please visit CASA's website for further details.

Our Partners Focus:

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)/Prince George’s County is proud to partner with Thrive Prince George’s to provide guaranteed income to up to 50 youth who emancipated from Prince George’s County foster care between 2020 and 2022.

Only individuals who are 18-24 years old and emancipated from Prince George’s County are eligible to participate in this program.

If you believe you fit this criteria, please click here to complete an inquiry form. If you qualify, one of our staff members will reach out to contact you. If you have questions, please contact us at

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For more information about Thrive Prince George’s, visit

Disclaimer: Submitting this form does not guarantee enrollment in the program. Please allow our team sufficient time to review all inquiries, as this program is highly sought after.

Our Partners:


Thrive Prince George’s is a two-year, $4 million guaranteed-income pilot that seeks to provide greater economic stability and mobility for families in Prince George’s County.  The program, the first of its kind in the county, provides monthly payments of $800 to 50 youth (age 18-24) who have aged out of foster care and 125+ seniors (age 60+) for a 24-month period with no strings attached and no requirements tied to employment.  Thrive Prince George’s is funded using both public and private philanthropic resources from the Greater Washington Community Foundation, Prince George’s County Executive and Council, and the Meyer Foundation.The Community Foundation will administer the Thrive Prince George’s pilot program in partnership with several nonprofit organizations, including:

  • United Communities Against Poverty (UCAP)- implementation partner for Seniors

  • Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Prince George’s – implementation partner for Youth who have aged Out of Foster Care

  • Capital Area Asset Builders – Technical Assistance provider

  • Prince George’s Changemakers – Community Engagement/Advocacy


Studies have shown that modest guaranteed basic income pilots can decrease poverty by as much as 40%. Over 100 Guaranteed Income pilots are currently operating or have been implemented across the country and around the region – including in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, DC, and Montgomery County. Thus far, these pilots have proven that guaranteed income is one of the most promising approaches to increasing financial stability. The positive impact of guaranteed income has been studied for decades, with evidence indicating that monthly cash payments can reduce income volatility and support recipients in attaining full-time employment, greater housing stability, improved health outcomes, and more.


Senior Citizens (60+)
Seniors, particularly those on fixed incomes, are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet due to inflation, historical inequalities, the rising costs of healthcare, and ageism in the workplace. According to United for ALICE, 52% of seniors in Prince George’s County are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE)— meaning they earn more than the Federal Poverty Level, but less than the basic cost of living for the county.Thrive Prince George’s will provide monthly payments for 125+
Seniors (60+) – with the goal of making the case for a more permanent and comprehensive investment in our Senior population, regionally. United Communities Against Poverty (UCAP) will oversee the application process and facilitate payments to participating Senior Citizens.  Participating Seniors must be residents of Prince George’s County, within the ALICE population, and living in one of The Community Foundation’s Priority Neighborhoods (see chart above)
Youth Aged Out of Foster Care
For more information visit


The purpose of guaranteed income programs is to help lift more families out of poverty by increasing their financial stability and helping to create more pathways to greater economic opportunity. These programs are designed to put unconditional cash directly in the hands of individuals and families that need it most, allowing them to make choices about how to improve their economic position and what they need to prosper. Guaranteed income does not replace existing supplemental or government benefits, but provides an extra boost that can lift people out of the safety net and into a more stable life.

Thrive Prince George’s will give participants increased flexibility and financial freedom so they can live with dignity and be empowered to overcome whatever barriers they may face – whether it is meeting basic needs, paying down a debt, moving into permanent housing, furthering their education to secure a better job, or to stop working a second job so they can spend more time with their families.


Seniors (Age 60+)
Eligible Seniors will be asked to fill out a brief application to determine program eligibility. This application will be posted to UCAP’s website soon. A reminder that applicants must be Prince George’s County residents within the ALICE population living within one of The Community Foundation’s Priority Neighborhoods (see chart above).

Youth Who Aged Out of Foster Care Between 2020 - 2022
There will be no application process for Youth Who Have Aged out of Foster Care. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) will select eligible Youth from among their current service population.Those who have recently aged out of foster care or are in need of special advocates are encouraged to visit for more information.

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